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Rings have a deep and lasting meaning in the history of relationships, and three of the most iconic types are the Promise Ring, the Engagement Ring, and the Wedding Ring. Each of these rings represents a unique and beautiful stage in the journey of love and commitment.

These three most common types of rings are a tangible reminder of the love and promise shared between two people. As the relationship progresses, rings come to represent not only a commitment of love, but also a testament to shared history, challenges overcome, and joys experienced. Ultimately, these rings are much more than pieces of jewelry; They are symbols of a love that lasts over time and is celebrated with joy on the journey of life as a couple.

Meaning of promise, commitment and marriage ring

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Promise Ring

The Promise Ring is a symbol of initial commitment, a promise of love and loyalty between two people who are in a serious relationship but are not yet committed to marriage. These rings are typically simple and elegant, often featuring designs that symbolize unity and connection. Giving a Promise Ring is a beautiful way to express your commitment to each other before taking the step towards marriage.


Engagement ring:

The Engagement Ring is an iconic symbol of love and commitment. It is usually presented as a surprise during a marriage proposal and is placed on the ring finger of the couple's left hand. The engagement ring usually features a precious gem, such as a diamond, which symbolizes eternity and the purity of love. It is a constant reminder of the promise of a future together and is worn with pride until it is replaced with the Wedding Ring during the wedding ceremony.

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Wedding ring:

The Wedding Ring is the definitive symbol of union and commitment in a relationship. It is exchanged during the marriage ceremony and is placed on the same finger as the Engagement Ring. By wearing both rings on the same finger, a set is formed that symbolizes the complete commitment and lifelong connection between the two people.

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Promise, engagement and marriage ring What is their difference?

1. Purpose

  • Promise Ring: The Promise Ring is exchanged when a couple decides to commit and strengthen their relationship, but is not yet ready for marriage. It is a promise of love and future commitment.
  • Engagement Ring: The Engagement Ring is given during the marriage proposal and symbolizes the commitment to get married in the near future. It is a symbol that the couple plans to get married and is committed to that step.
  • Wedding Ring: The Wedding Ring is exchanged during the marriage ceremony and represents the formal and legal union of two people in marriage. It is a symbol of lifelong commitment and marital union.


2. Moment of exchange

  • Promise Ring: It is exchanged any time the couple decides to make a meaningful commitment promise, not necessarily in a formal proposal.
  • Engagement Ring: Presented during the marriage proposal, generally as part of a romantic and formal act.
  • Wedding Ring: It is exchanged during the marriage ceremony, in the presence of friends and family, as part of the wedding vows.

Promise, engagement and marriage ring: Union of eternal love

Each of these rings has its own purpose and special moment in a couple's life, marking different stages of commitment and love. Let's get to know a little more:

Which hand and finger does the promise ring go on?

The promise ring can be worn on any finger, usually on the ring finger of the right hand.

When is the promise ring given?

The promise ring is given at the time when a couple decides to make a meaningful promise of commitment and love, but is not yet ready to formally commit to marriage.

How to give a promise ring?

To give a promise ring, choose the right moment that is meaningful to both of you. You can also prepare some emotional speech expressing your feelings. On the other hand, make sure the place is special. And finally, choose a jewelry store that gives you an elegant presentation of the ring.

Is the promise ring worn by both of them?

Promise ring use may vary depending on the couple and their individual preferences.

Which hand does the engagement ring go on?

The engagement ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

On which hand do you put the wedding ring?

The wedding ring is worn on the same finger as the engagement ring, usually on the left hand, after the marriage ceremony.

What is the duration of use of the promise, engagement and marriage ring?

  • Promise Ring: Can be worn throughout the relationship or until replaced with an engagement or wedding ring.
  • Engagement Ring: Used from the marriage proposal to the marriage ceremony, at which time it can be used together with the wedding ring.
  • Wedding Ring: Worn after the marriage ceremony and worn for life, usually along with the engagement ring.

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