The fashion fazzolettos of celebrities

It is an accessory that does not go unnoticed, even less if the person who uses it is a celebrity. They give us a lesson in style by wearing, each in their own way, this elegant pocket square or Fazzolettos .

  1. Javier Bardem: The actor, husband of his colleague Penelope Cruz, has shown over the years that elegance is in his blood. In the photo we see the Spaniard in an important session for GQ magazine, with a suit that can change even what we project; he looks confident and charismatic and of course he included a fazzoletto in this amazing look.
  2. Chris Pine: The actor and model who debuted on the popular series CSI Miami also has an unmistakable style. Always on trend, Pine knows how to make the most of it, and what better way to attract the attention of the specialized press than by wearing an eye-catching bluish fazzoletto.
  3. David Beckham: What can we say about the former English soccer player that has not been said. Always at the top of Europe's best dressed lists, England's most famous left foot shines in every appearance. Of course, Victoria's husband, the former Spice Girl, knows how to wear fazzolettos with a unique stamp.
  4. Roger Federer: Although we are used to seeing him in sportswear, the best tennis player in the world does know style, which he shows every time he attends a gala or a special engagement. In this photo, you can see how Federer wears an elegant suit that he complements with a fazzoletto, which gives him that special and unique touch.
  5. King Charles of England: The recently crowned English monarch always leads the rankings of the best-dressed men in the world and his looks are always something to talk about, either because of his perfect cut or his well-thought-out combinations like the one we see in the photo. Because the most elegant man in the world, of course, wears fazzolettos.
  6. Daniel Craig: Living up to his most memorable movie character, James Bond, Craig has catapulted himself as one of the most stylish men in the world. Always impeccable, in the image below you can see how she knows how to wear a fazzoletto with ease, sophistication or naturalness.

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